Use FlashDemo Screen Recorder to create interactive videos

Recently, I found a great program for you to try. It’s the FlashDemo Screen Recorder published by FlashDemo Stuido. It can record everything happening in your desktop and save it as flash. Meanwhile,You can edit the video in multifunctional ways. Here are some features of FlashDemo Screen Recorder that impressed me a lot and I would like to point out to let you have a firstlook.

FlashDemo Screen Recorder features: *Capable to create interactive demonstrations.
*Comparing with other video screen recorders, Flashdemo produces extremely small-size files.

*Flashdemo screen recorder supports Web-Ready format,it can help you reach the widest possible audiences.

Other than recording desktop activities, Flashdemo’s video editing operation is so far the best I’ve seen among recording softwares. Easy to use and meets every need that you will ever think of .You can insert callout,shape,arrow,text,image,clipart,sound etc. You can control the timeline and delete the frames that you don’t need. Record narration while recording or insert narration when previewing before publish. And there are 3 kinds of video format that you can obtain, swf,mp2/mp4 and exe. Among them,mp4 is the one which has the highest definition and you can upload it straight to youtube.

When you need to explain something on your screen but can’t illustrate it simply by words, then Flashdemo is just what you need. Make a stimulation of issue and use Flashdemo to record and represent it with sound and image.
What can you use FlashDemo screen recorder for:
• Making a business presentation.
• Creating a software stimulation video.
• Making a online tutorial for your website.
• Recording your own video and upload it to Youtube
• Help your school assignment. Get yourself as A plus.

FlashDemo Screen Recorder is so easy to use that you don’t even need the user-guide. The interface is very friendly looking with a reasonable layout. And the published video looks pretty smooth. You can download it from and just have a nice try.It will surprise you.

And How much does FlashDemo screen recorder cost?
The trial version is free, the full version costs me $119.It’s absolutely worth the money.And I hear that for educational, governmental or non-profit organizations will be offered with a discount price which is $ 99.

So Just Try it by yourself, It’s my recommendation for today.


FlashDemo Screen Recorder records FlimClip

From <in july> by faith akin

FlashDemo Screen Recorder Records page-flipping magzine with music

FlashDemo Screen Recorder  Records EveryThing Happening in your Desktop.

Here’s an Example of   FlashDemo Screen Recorder Recording Page-Flipping magzine with music.

Thanks for the support of  Axmag page-flipping book converter

Background music: cliche-paper aeroplane

FlashDemo Toolbar Userguide

FlashDemo Studio controls

FlashDemo Download Address:FlashDemo Screen Recorder

*Main Toolbar

File: The file menu is used to create, open, close and save projects files

Edit: With Edit you can copy, paste or cut delete objects, export as screenshot(.bmp)Deleting objects is done by pressing the DEL key after you selected the object to delete

View: Through the View menu you can turn on or turn off the Tool bar, status bar, Timeline toolbar, Draw toolbar

Insert: Through the Insert menu, you can insert shapes,note,button,image

Control: Play back,stop,pause,jump to first frame or last frame

Help: Click to view the version of FlashDemo Studio and contact information


New Record: To start a new FlashDemo project (*.fdp)

Publish: Publish as a flash movie, preview the flash in your default Internet browser

Open: Open an existing FlashDemo project

Save: Save current FlashDemo project

Cut Copy Paste: Cut selected object/Copy selected object/Paste copied or cut object

First Frame: Jump to the first frame of your project

Play/Stop: Play back or pause/stop your project

Last Frame: Jump to the last frame of your project

Help: Click to view the version of FlashDemo Studio and contact information.

*Draw Toolbar


Line: Click to draw a line

Shape: Insert Rectangle,Ellipse,Round rectangle

Note: Insert Rectangle note, Round rectangle note

Button: Create simple button or invisible button

Text: Insert text or text field

Image: Insert image into FlashDemo project from local drive

Properties: Click this button to view or edit the properties of the latest created object

*Staging Area

FlashDemo’s Staging Area (or main editing area) is the canvas area where the actual project is displayed. It is in this area that you can apply all of your edits, such as adding notes, buttons, picture, etc. And, while inside the FlashDemo Studio program, you can also preview the playback of your project before exporting it to Flash movie.

*Right Click Shortcut Options

Many of FlashDemo Studio’s menu and toolbar options can also be accessed by right click shortcut actions. To access a shortcut menu, right click on the object (or target area) you wish to edit and a shortcut menu will appear with available options.

FlashDemo Released a new version

Version 2.28

Download address:FlashDemo Screen Recorder

Main progress compared with the last version:

1.Revise the system crash bug when publishing MPEG format

2.Update the Timline Rolling’s flexiblity

3.Revise the Sound recording half time missing output bug

4.Update the sound restoration performance

5.Update the performance of border style

6.Add a tip when hard disk has no space

7.Add a tip when FlashPlayer not installed or low in version

8.Use a new InstallShield

For more information,please visit

How to Record Screen Using FlashDemo

This Video Shows you how to record screen using flashdemo,enjoy.

FlashDemo Download address:FlashDemo Screen Recorder


A very popular video now in youtube.It made me wanna buy the T-shirt.Creative minds brings fun , maybe aslo money and business.